What you need to know

This autumn, TRIP's database of transport research was transferred to a new platform called TRIMIS. TRIMIS now combines TRIP's existing functionality with details on the effectiveness of the seven Strategic Transport Research and Innovation Agenda (STRIA) roadmaps.

You need to

You need to do two things in order to transfer your TRIP account to TRIMIS.

1. Newsletter

If you are subscribed to the TRIP newsletter and would like to receive similar updates from TRIMIS, you need to ‘opt-in’ to TRIMIS updates. You can do this by emailing the helpdesk.

2. EU Login

All logins to TRIMIS are now done via the EU authentication system. This means that you need an EU account to be able to access the TRIMIS site as a registered user. You can create a new TRIMIS account linked to your EU login by using the “Create a new account” link on the TRIMIS login page:


Alternatively if you still want to be able to access and edit any content you had created previously on the TRIP database we will need to link any new EU account to your old TRIP information.

To create an EU Login, visit: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/cas/eim/external/register.cgi   

Once this is done you need to let us know the following using the “Contact TRIMIS” form available here: Contact TRIMIS

You will need to provide us with:

  • The user name and/or email address you used to login to the old TRIP site.
  • The valued named "Unique identifier at the commission (uid)". This can be found once logged in to your EU account using this link: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/cas/userdata/ShowDetails.cgi. This is normally the 3rd line in the table and should be a string similar to "nabcxyza".

Why do we need to do this?

As part of the move to TRIMIS, TRIP's data, which is hosted by Ricardo, will be moved to a system managed by the Joint Research Centre (JRC). We need you to confirm whether you are happy for your data to be transferred to JRC.

Ricardo and JRC will use your data to provide you with updates and news regarding TRIMIS, in a similar manner to the TRIP updates you have received. We will not transfer your data to any other party.