Policy Background

General policy on research and innovation in the Czech Republic is set out by strategic document “National Research, Development and Innovation Policy of the Czech Republic for years 2016–2020”.

Its main goal consists in creating favourable conditions for gradual development of the Czech RDI system by setting specific strategic targets and measures to meet them. The main goals of transport RDI are specified as following:

  1. Sustainable Transport
  2. Interoperable Transport
  3. Safe Transport
  4. Economical Transport
  5. Intelligent Transport
  6. Spatial Data in Transport

In addition, long-term national priorities in research, development and innovation for the period up to 2030 were adopted at the governmental level in 2012. Specific research topics have been identified in six general areas: Knowledge Economy, Energy, Natural Resources, Social Sciences, Health and Security.

The Transport Policy of the Czech Republic for 2014 - 2020 (with prospect to 2050) sets a basic framework for transport area with a special accent to European policies and their implementation in the Czech Republic.

Institutional framework of transport research

The central administrative bodies responsible for Czech RDI system and definition of its priorities are the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (further referred to as “MEYS”) and the Research, Development and Innovation Council (further referred to as “Council”) chaired by the Prime Minister. Both the MEYS and the Council formulate R&D policy while MEYS is the main responsible body for international S&T cooperation. The Council is in charge of the RDI section of the state budget and management and maintenance of the RDI databases.

The Ministry of Transport is responsible for general transport policy and related RDI area. At the EU level, the Ministry of Transport represents the Czech Republic in the Horizon 2020 Programme Committees configurations “Smart, Green and Integrated Transport” and “Space”. Furthermore, the delegates from the Ministry of Transport are appointed to various working groups, committees and boards.

Funding Sources and Support Initiatives

Funding for transport-related RDI projects is provided by the “Technology Agency of the Czech Republic” (further referred to as “TACR”). The TACR is currently responsible for transport applied research funding. The financial framework of the ESIF for the transport sector is provided within the Operational Programme Transport managed by the Ministry of Transport.