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Educational toolkits to help fight gender stereotypes based on the example of the transport sector

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One of the main reasons for gender imbalance in the EU transport sector — where only 22 % of the workforce are women — is the persistence of strong gender stereotypes. Gendered perceptions about specific jobs and careers are developed at a young age. They shape children’s aspirations and their awareness of, and decision to pursue, certain school subjects and careers. Challenging gender stereotypes throughout the education cycle is key to broadening individual aspirations and choices and to reducing gender imbalances in other spheres of life, such as employment. Based on the example of the transport sector, and drawing on desk research, surveys and stakeholder interviews, this study supported the development of two educational toolkits (one for primary schools and one for secondary schools) to help teachers organise discussions in class to effectively address gender stereotypes. This document describes the study’s methodological approach and key findings, and the process of developing, testing and finalising the toolkits for use in all EU Member States.

You can read more about this study here.

You can download the full report from this link.