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European market surveillance of motor vehicles

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This report presents the results for the work conducted by the JRC as European Commission contribution to the first year of market surveillance and regarding emissions from motor vehicles. The document is structured in three main chapters: the requirements and methodologies for their verification (Part A), the test results and compliance outcome for the activities conducted by the Commission (Part B) and an overview of the main findings (Part C). Part A focuses on the requirements to be fulfilled by the vehicles and provides the main elements, further details being available in the regulatory texts. For some requirements, the verification cannot be made using the type approval procedure (e.g. durability, OBD). In such a case, ad-hoc procedures are proposed and are likely to be revised on a yearly basis making use of the experience gained. Part B presents the emissions test results and compliance findings for the individual vehicles analysed by the JRC during the last year. Part C is a summary of the findings and a tentative to draw recommendations from the lessons learnt, with a view to identifying the most critical items (e.g. which requirements have the highest risk not to be fulfilled) and to improving the efficiency of the whole process.