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Transport Resilience: Research & Innovation for EU Policy

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Infrastructure (INF)
Network and traffic management systems (NTM)
Vehicle design and manufacturing (VDM)
Connected and automated transport (CAT)

The purpose of this TRIMIS poster is to provide an overview of European Union policy and funded research and innovation in transport resilience. The identification and classification of research trends, and examination of their alignment with overall policy and strategic objectives, aims to provide sector-wide awareness and steer future research priorities. It was presented at the 103rd Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting

Transport resilience is fundamental for the function of society, as human activity, including commuting, recreation, and supply chains, depend upon transport. Furthermore, as the COVID crisis highlighted, transport is essential during global emergencies, for the provision of people with necessary goods and the operation of emergency services. The European Union aims to safeguard the free movement of goods and persons, as a key constituent of the single market. Consequently, several strategic documents and policy measures address EU resilience. Among policy tools, the European Framework Programmes endorse research and innovation projects that develop technologies, as well as non-technological resilience management, which prepare the transport system for resilience against a range of disruptions, natural or human-made. 

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