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16th Int. Forum on Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications (AMAA 2012), Berlin, 30-31 May 2012

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In 2012 this annual international conference is held under the motto “Smart Systems for Safe, Sustainable and Networked Vehicles”. The focus is on application fields such as electrification, power train and vehicle efficiency, safety and driver assistance, networked vehicles, as well as components and systems.

The ambitious objectives of future road mobility, i.e. fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and zero accidents, imply a paradigm shift in the concept of the car regarding its architecture, materials, and propulsion technology, and require an intelligent integration into the systems of transportation and power. ICT, components and smart systems have been essential for a multitude of recent innovations, and are expected to be key enabling technologies for the changes ahead, both inside the vehicle and at its interfaces for the exchange of data and power with the outside world.