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1st Global Conference on Biofouling Management for Maritime Industries

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Join the virtual exhibition space over two days, bringing together specialists from across this multidisciplinary and multisectoral field to support the development of a practical and sustainable path forward for maritime industries to achieve outcomes that will better protect the global maritime environment.

You can expect to hear discussions and case studies on the following:

  • Technologies, old and new, for biofouling management in maritime industries
  • Biofouling management for the offshore O&G and renewable energy industries
  • Biofouling in aquaculture: impacts, risks and solutions
  • In-water cleaning: techniques, risks, and regulations
  • The balance between the efficacy and environmental impact of biocidal antifouling coating
  • Generation of microplastics from the erosion, degradation, cleaning and removal of antifouling coatings
  • Ship biofouling as a vector for the spread of marine species and their impact
  • Regulations and requirements for biofouling management in shipping: practicalities and operational impacts

More information on the event and registration can be found here.