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2012 International Transport Forum - Seamless Transport: Making Connections

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The powerful vision of seamlessly connecting people, infrastructure and markets is driving the development of new forms of mobility and of economic growth. It increasingly shapes the agenda of policy-makers and business leaders.

The annual summit of the International Transport Forum is the leading global platform for debate on the future of transport. At the summit, Ministers from more than 50 member countries engage decision-makers from industry, civil society and research to explore the trends that will shape mobility in the 21st century.

The International Transport Forum's 2012 summit on 'Seamless Transport: Making Connections' will consider all aspects of connectivity in transport: How can we improve the way people and goods move, globally and within our communities?

Connecting systems: Implementing advanced technologies and new practices. Connecting people: Improving urban and inter-urban mobility. Connecting markets: Smoothing end-to-end journeys. Connecting sectors: Integrating transport with energy, finance, urban planning, tourism. Connecting ideas: Applying new thinking to transport.