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22nd European Conference on Mobility Management

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The ECOMM has developed as THE meeting place for Mobility Management practitioners and experts all over Europe. ECOMM is a three-day event with excursions, keynote speeches, an exhibition, 50-80 presentations and workshops and lots of opportunities for making new contacts. It takes place every year and attracts 350-500 delegates. Presentations are selected by an International Programme Committee (IPC) with appointed experts from all EPOMM member states as well as from other EU member states. The programme is developed in cooperation between the host city, the IPC and EPOMM. EPOMM takes care that the ECOMM maintains its agreeable size, its high quality, and also strives for its continuous improvement.

Definition of Mobility Management

Mobility management, often called ‘smart mobility’, is a cost-effective instrument for bringing mobility and transport more in line with sustainability. It is complementary to technology and infrastructure measures and it is the additional key needed to achieve sustainable mobility on the local, national and European levels. Mobility Management is the holistic approach that brings it all together; and that includes shared views and common actions.