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2nd Annual: UK Rail Industry Forum 2015

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Following the success of the inaugural event in 2014, the UK Rail Industry Forum returns for a second year to provide anessential update and strategic insight for the UK rail sector.

This timely conference will bring together industry stakeholders following the election to provide the latest updates, review the next steps for the industry and allow for debate on key strategic decisions. As the industry is starting to plan beyond CP5 and consider what projects will be needed in CP6 this event allows for a chance to review and discuss how the UK rail industry is performing. Take a look at the UK Rail Industry Forum programme here.

With capacity remaining a key challenge and demand for rail only increasing, attend to discuss how you can run lines at capacity and still meet passenger expectations.  Also consider how we can challenge negative perceptions of rail industry, work more collaboratively as an industry and ensure there are the necessary skills and training to maintain the railway.

The day will also consider what needs to be included in franchise bids, looking at recently awarded franchises and the lessons that can be learned.  You will also have the opportunity to hear the latest news on planned developments and improvements for the UK rail network, exploring how these will offer increased capacity and a better customer experience for passengers.