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2nd International Conference on Mobility as a Service (ICoMaaS)

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The second International Conference on Mobility as a Service (ICoMaaS) aims to further increase our knowledge on the preconditions of MaaS, experiences from trials and commercial services, and the effects of MaaS, in particular on climate change, travel behaviour and transport poverty. The purpose of the conference is to build bridges between government, research and business and to identify knowledge gaps requiring further research.

 The conference covers all aspects related to Mobility as a Service and welcomes both scientific papers and presentations of business cases. Covered topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Behavioural aspects in MaaS
  • Environmental and Economical effects of MaaS
  • Experiences and Challenges of Pilots of MaaS
  • Pricing of MaaS solutions
  • Regulation as an enabler of MaaS
  • Blockchains as a MaaS transaction tool

The conference will be held in Tampere and will present speakers from Fluidtime, Kyyti, UCL Energy Insitute and more. 

For more information, please visit their website