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6th International Conference on Women’s Issues in Transportation

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Irvine, California
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6th International Conference on Women’s Issues in Transportation

10 September 2019    - 13 September 2019    Irvine, California

The 6th International Conference on Women’s Issues in   Transportation will take place in Irvine, California on 10-13 September   2019. The title of the conference is “Insights, Inclusion, and Impact:   Framing the Future for Women in Transportation”.

Women's  Issues in Transportation is an international conference for  transportation practice and  research addressing women's transportation  issues. The conference will tackle topics such as:

  • Women's travel behavior patterns
  • Transportation planning and policy processes to consider women's issues
  • Women's safety, personal security, and health considerations in transportation
  • Women and emerging transportation innovations
  • Women in the transportation workforce.


The  2019 WIiT conference, sixth in a series that began in 1978, will  focus  on women's issues related to all aspects of travel and  transportation.  The 2014 conference, under the theme Bridging the Gap,  explored  and addressed the gender differences in access to  transportation and  mobility, responsiveness of transport systems to  needs and preferences  of women, transportation safety, personal  security, and participation of  women in decision-making and wealth  creation in the transportation  sector. The 2019 conference will pick up  similar themes, this time  guided by an evaluative framework of three  lenses: insights, inclusion  and impact.