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8th International Conference Transport Systems Telematics 2008

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Telematics and data processing technologies play fundamental role in transport control and management systems. The basic objective of the conference consists in promotion of modern solutions of information and telematic systems as well as of management systems in transport.

Conference subjects are connected with generally understood telematics and its use in transport. Papers, in particular, shall be devoted to the following:

Management systems in transport;

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and their architecture;

Telematic services for travellers;

Equipping vehicles with telematics' devices;

Control in transport systems;

Tele-transmission and tele-navigation equipment;

Traffic monitoring systems;

Safety in transport systems management and control;

Strategies for transport telematics solutions implementation;

Transport systems and processes simulation;

Informatic tools in crisis management and rescue;

Telematics in logistic services;

Transport economy and policy.