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Act TravelWise Annual Conference 2019

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Smart mobility and services (SMO)


Innovation and Change in Mobility Management: What's New and What's Next?


With technological development and collective transport policies are driving innovation in mobility management, the Act TravelWise Annual Conference aims to discuss the following questions:

  • How will these external changes affect the sector, in terms of new policies, practices and opportunities, as well as new skills and roles required?
  • How will we develop the policies and legal frameworks to best manage these disruptive technologies?
  • At the same time, how can we best access the innovation developed internally within the sustainable transport sector?

The Conference aims to provide transport policy-makers with the necessary information and tools to incorporate innovative solutions into their city's transport policies.

Through two streams of workshops, the conference will offer insights into the following topics:  

Stream 1: What's New? - Innovation and Change Within the Sustainable Transport Sector

  • Businesses and Workplaces
  • Air Quality and Health
  • Active Travel

Stream 2: What's Next? - External Innovation and Change

  • Disruptive Technologies
  • Government Policy and Devolved Policy
  • Public Transport and Shared Transport

For more information and to view a draft programme, visit the conference website.

Registration opens in September 2018.

Please contact for further information on the conference.