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The Air Quality and Emissions Show

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The 9th in the series of Air Quality & Emissions Events will focus on industrial emissions and stack monitoring of (Part A) processes regulated by the Environment Agency, ambient air quality monitoring,the emissions to air of Part A2 and Part B processes controlled by local authorities, MCERTS standards, aspects of air quality protection and treatment.

There are two conferences planned at AQE 2017, One covering Air Quality and the other focused on Emissions.

The Emissions conference will take place on Day one - 24th May and is titled Monitoring of difficult species and regulation for stack emissions

The topics for this conference are

  • Compliance requirements of European directives
  • Acid gases: HF and HCl
  • Alkaline gases: ammonia
  • PM10 and PM2.5 particulate measurement
  • Trace species: e.g. mercury

The Air Quality conference will be the Investigation of Air Polluition Standing Conference which is organised by Ricardo Energy & Environment.

The conference will feature nine expert speakers who will give timely and topical guidance on overcoming the challenges facing the air quality community. Topics will be based around air quality measurement and monitoring