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Amsterdam Drone Week 2023

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Amsterdam Drone Week conference will take place from 21-23 March 2023 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam Drone Week is the first official European platform for users, manufacturers, services and regulators, that unites the brightest and most creative minds of the unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) Industry. Innovative Air Mobility will not only connect more remote communities with the economic opportunities within cities. It will also enhance transport options and services such as inspection, emergency and security by drones, saving time and investment in infrastructure and people.

It is a co-created event that showcases the latest technology and helps unlock the potential of drones and discovery of new applications. For the duration of one week, this umbrella event connects the entire UAS value chain through a range of events around drone regulations, new technology and future solutions.

To view the programme and for more information, and to register, click here.