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AUM2015 Symposium on Applied Urban Modelling

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AUM2015 is the fifth in a planned series of annual symposia on applied urban simulation models that offer insights into urban change and the realisation of practical policy initiatives. Since the launch of the AUM series in 2011, the symposia have attracted delegates from diverse disciplines, universities, professional institutions and government agencies in many countries.

The overarching theme of AUM2015 is ‘green cities'. The term ‘green’ is defined in its wider sense. It highlights the growing importance of urban ecosystem services and green space across the world’s city regions. The symposium themes aim to place the discussions on urban ecosystem services, green space and environmental sustainability in the practical urban development context, i.e. to treat them as integral components in rationalizing urban energy use, reducing the emissions of and human exposures to pollutants, in improving urban air quality and the quality of life, in addressing social inequality, and ultimately in finding feasible pathways to transform cities today into liveable habitats for all citizens.