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Autonomous Vehicles: What impact on European cities?

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UITP is organising a conference on “Autonomous vehicles: what impact on European cities?” in the morning of 25 January 2018 in Brussels. The objective of the event is to tackle the most important questions around the effect autonomous road vehicles will have on cities and on public transport.

Autonomous vehicle will strongly influence public transport. The European Commission is already massively supporting the development and testing of autonomous vehicles. Beyond the technological aspects, UITP wants to highlight what the deployment of autonomous vehicles will mean for citiesand under which conditions this innovation can really become a success.

The event will address the following key issues:

  • What is the public transport sector’s experience with autonomous road vehicles?
  • Will AVs become a part of public transport or will they largely replace the current public transport services?
  • Under which conditions can AVs really improve urban mobility and quality of life?
  • How can the priority of public transport and the investments into public transport remain once autonomous vehicles are available?
  • Which recommendations for the EU?

The half-day conference is by invitation only and will be followed by a lunch.