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Autonomy Mobility 2023

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AUTONOMY Mobility takes place in March each year in Paris, France. The 2023 event takes place from 22-23 March. The theme this year is Empowering the Shift from Motorist to MobilistWithin this theme, there are 7 main topics: 

  • Smart Mobility Cities
  • Mass Transit: The Backbone of the Mobility Transition 
  • Engineering the switch from fossil to electric mobility
  • Software empowering fleet managers to make the shift to greener fleets
  • Scaling Sharing to Profitability   
  • Getting Cities, Companies and Consumers to Smile with the Last-mile
  • It's time to deploy Autonomous Vehicles on our streets. 

The event gathers international policymakers, institutions, NGOs, corporations, companies, and start-ups together to focus on sustainable urban mobility solutions. It welcomes 200+ exhibitors, 300+ speakers, and 8,000+ participants each year.

To view the programme, visit the website. For tickets, click here.