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AUTONOMY & the Urban Mobility Summit

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The Urban Mobility Summit is AUTONOMY’s flagship event where innovators, cities and urbanites gather annually to build a new mobility landscape. The first two days -18 and 19 Ocotber- are dedicated to professionals and institutions and the third day -20 October- is open to the public.

The 3-day event includes:

  • The Urban Mobility Summit, a series of conferences, workshops and meet-ups
  • A curated exhibition area where best new mobility solutions are on display
  • Networking opportunities supported by a software to schedule B2B/B2G meetings
  • Startup pitch sessions, press briefings, test tracks and live demos
  • An opening Party to connect and celebrate the future of urban mobility
  • A public day which gives urbanites a sneak peek of the way they will move in cities tomorrow

On 18 October, Karen Vancluysen, Polis Secreatary General, is to address the audience at pleanary session and give a keynote about the role of cities in the deployment of mobility innovation and framing disruption with relation also to automation in transport.

In the afternoon, Polis is organising the "Electromobility roll-out in cities" session which will bring together on stagere representatives of public authorities and the private sector who will exchange views and ideas about challenges and solutions for the successfull deployment of electromobility solutions in urban areas, and intelligent energy management systems.