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BARCELONA IABMAS 2022: 11th International Conference on Bridge Maintenance, Safety and Management

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Technical University of Catalunya (UPC), 08034 Barcelona Barcelona, Spain
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World economy is changing rapidly. On the one hand, issues like health and safety, quality, resilience, sustainability, social justice and environment are increasing their weight for decision makers compared with traditional pecuniary considerations. On the other hand, the advent of cheap powerful computers, smart phones and robots is changing society drastically and also the economic interactions. And on top of that, COVID came. However, one thing that seems to be stable in this turmoil is the importance given to maintenance and life-cycle evaluation in any infrastructure, making IABMAS goals more and more relevant for the engineering community. It is with great pleasure that an occasion to share the new achievements on the topics of Bridge Maintenance, Safety and Management is going to be presented at BARCELONA IABMAS 2022: 11th International Conference on Bridge Maintenance, Safety and Management. The first tenth conferences in the series were very successful, both technically and academically, and IABMAS conferences have become established events in the field of bridge maintenance, safety and management and related topics. In this edition, we are coming back to the location where the first conference of the series was organized twenty years ago: Barcelona. We intend to make the 11th edition of the conference another successful edition of the IABMAS meetings.

IABMAS 2022 will be held in Barcelona, Spain in July 11-15th, 2022, at the Vertex Conference Hall with modernized audio-visual facilities and very good connections to nearby hotels, the airport and the city center.

The objectives of BARCELONA IABMAS 2022 are to address all aspects of bridge maintenance, safety and management. Specifically, it deals with: bridge repair and rehabilitation issues; bridge management systems; needs of bridge owners, financial planning, whole life costing and investment for the future; bridge related safety, risk and economic issues. The implications and applications of Big Data and AI in the management of existing bridge stocks is also one of the relevant objectives. BARCELONA IABMAS 2022 aims to act as a forum for academics, practitioners, owners and operators to discuss recent advances and identify future research directions.

Aware that this invitation comes at particularly difficult times due to the health crisis we are experiencing, we are waiting for you with the best spirit of being able to enjoy your participation in technical debates of the highest level and interest, where we will meet again in a moment in which we are all called to give the best of ourselves.