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C-ITS City Pool workshop

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A workshop for cities on urban C-ITS is being organised by the H2020 project C-Mobile as a side event of the ITS World Congress in Copenhagen. The purpose of this workshop is to continue discussions and knowledge sharing about urban C-ITS.

The C-ITS City Pool provides a space where transport authorities can learn about and express views on C-ITS developments, share practical experiences of C-ITS pilots and engage with industry players. The City Pool was set up by Polis in the context of the H2020 CODECS and CIMEC projects, both of which have finished. The City Pool continues under the auspices of the C-Mobile project.

C-MobILE ( aims to upscale the deployment of C-ITS services designed to deal with urban mobility challenges for the benefit of all road users. A total of eight C-ITS equipped cities and regions across Europe are involved in this challenge, all of which have been research pilot sites in the past. C-MobILE engages with public and private stakeholders, including end-users, so to enhance sustainability of C-ITS services and establish partnerships functioning beyond the project itself.