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CEAS 2011 International Aerospace Conference

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CEAS 2011 will be a joint event merging the 3rd CEAS (Council of European Aerospace Societies) Air & Space Conference and the 21st AIDAA (Italian Association of Aeronautics and Astronautics) Congress, headlining as the major event in the European aerospace 2011 calendar. It will be a unique opportunity for aerospace companies, organizations, universities and research institutes across Europe and worldwide to communicate, share and debate innovative concepts and technical solutions in the aerospace domain.
CEAS 2011 will promote the establishment of knowledge and technical networks with the aim of increasing European competitiveness in the field of aerospace.

Participation from all major nations involved in aerospace across the world, a wide exhibition area, special sessions on selected topics and specific actions to facilitate students attendance will make CEAS 2011 one of the major European aerospace events.

CEAS 2011 will be hosted by AIDAA on behalf of the CEAS community. Founded in 1920, the AIDAA is a society devoted to the promotion and dissemination of aerospace knowledge and expertise in Italy.