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CEDR conference on road safety research

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This conference presents the outcome of two research projects funded under the CEDR Transnational Research Programme Call 2012: Safety.

The ASAP project – Appropriate Speed saves All People ( – addresses the issues of speed management  in work zones, with its specific focus on speed reduction measures and treatments in order to  increase road safety both for road users and road workers. ASAP provides a guide, not for setting the speed limit, but for choosing the best speed reducing methods that will result in appropriate speed in work zones. 

The BRoWSER project – Baselining Road Worker Safety on European Roads ( – aims to help National Road Authorities enable a data-led approach to be taken to managing road worker safety. The project provides the framework for a European road worker casualty database, with guidance for implementation, the benefits case and recommendations for the consistency of road works.

Three dissemination workshops on road worker safety will be held. The programme will be identical on the three occasions, except for the local session at each workshop. A detailed programme will be presented later.

October 8th 2015 in Wokingham, Great Britain.
October 29th 2015 in Brussels, Belgium.
November 10th 2015 in Brno, Czech Republic.

These workshops are aimed at experts, researchers, engineers, road network operators, contactors and managers that have an interest in the safety of road workers and road users.