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CEDR Conference on Road Traffic Noise

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Within the CEDR Transnational Road Research Programme Call 2012 Noise, the following four projects have been developed: FOREVER, QUESTIM, ON-AIR and DISTANCE. These projects focused on optimised noise assessment and management strategies, as well as future visions for noise management on national road networks. The Project Executive Board’s objective was to address the need of NRAs for appropriate guidance and tools which would help them to seamlessly integrate noise into the planning of new and the management of existing national roads, taking cognisance of planning legislation in EU member states.

A final conference is being organised to present the findings of the FOREVER, QUESTIM, ON-AIR and DISTANCE projects formed under the CEDR Transnational Road Research Programme Call 2012 Noise. The conference will present the findings and recommendations arising from the four projects, and the possibilities for implementation of results across Europe will also be discussed.

The conference is free of charge and will be held in English. It will commence 13:00hrs on Tuesday, 8th of September, with an overview of the 2012 noise programme followed by presentations from the four projects FOREVER, QUESTIM, ON-AIR and DISTANCE as well as high level presentations from invited speakers. The second day of the conference on Wednesday, 9th of September, is reserved for a final presentation on the practical application arising from the outcomes of the projects. To conclude, a workshop session addressing issues such as opportunities for implementation of findings across member states and potential future research needs.

The conference will be hosted by LÄRMKONTOR GmbH in Hamburg, Germany at Hotel Hafen Hamburg with stunning views of the Hamburg port.