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CIMO: 2nd International Congress "Citizens and Mobility management”

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Urban mobility has increased dramatically in the last decades, accompanying the economic growth of towns and cities. This has caused negative effects for citizens directly: increase of traffic congestion and energy consumption, noise, pollution, reduction of the urban environmental quality, etc. So, it is not surprising that the Green Paper on Urban mobility (September 2007) pledges to create a new urban mobility culture.

The Green Paper on Urban Mobility puts forward a new culture for urban mobility. This objective demands integrated approaches combining transport, environment and land use planning. Furthermore, not only local authorities, but stakeholders affected by these policies should be fully engaged, since, for instance, everybody should be aware of the importance of an energy-efficient consumption on the environment and quality of life in the city.

To make people more aware of the effects caused not only by the increase of urban mobility, but their mobility behaviour, and progress in the implementation of the European Green Paper on Urban Transport, the Mobility Foundation organizes the 2nd International Conference "Citizens Mobility management”. The Conference will be focused on finding international smart solutions, based on best practices dissemination and R&D activities.