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Cities Forum 2023

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CITIES FORUM 2023 conference will take place in Torino, Italy from 16-17 March. Registration is open! For more information on the event, and to register, click here. Applications should be submitted before 27 February 2023 - places are limited, hence applications will be subject to validation.

The Cities Forum is a biennial event of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy. This 5th edition, will be hosted by Torino, a city with a vast history in urban transformation due to its transition from factory town to a city of knowledge, culture and innovation.

The Cities Forum 2023 will offer high-level debates, participatory sessions and interactive workshops on cohesion and recovery in cities. It will provide participants with a unique opportunity to network and discuss the recent developments of various EU initiatives and policies, and explore the host city through several site visits. Please see the programme here.

Together for green and just cities

Cities Forum 2023 will be an opportunity to discuss the urban dimension of Cohesion Policy for 2021-2027, namely how investment policy can help cities advance by financing sustainable urban development. A key moment of the event will be the presentation of new EU level initiatives created to support cities. The 5th edition of the Cities Forum will host the official launch of the European Urban Initiative (EUI) and its first EU level capacity building event.

The Cities Forum spotlight the recent developments under the key policies and initiatives which engage cities such: as the Urban Agenda for the EU, the EU Mission for 100 Climate Neutral and Smart Cities and explore how the New European Bauhaus can be used to make a difference in local development. As place-based approaches are at the core of Cohesion Policy, the role of small- and medium-sized cities will be underlined, as will functional territories in developing tailor-made solutions for local challenges.

Following the theme of this year’s edition, the event will focus on the role of cities in implementing the European Green Deal and the importance of strategic approaches to address the needs for climate adaptation and environmental protection.