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City Transport Middle-East

Event date
Abu Dhabi


The Middle-East region is increasingly recognising the need to upgrade its city transport . Almost all states in the region have announced heavy investments in the sector to address the mobility issue of their growing population. The aim is to build an efficient transport network & make public transport more attractive to the residents.

The theme of the inaugural City Transport Middle East Conference is Smarter, Safer & Sustainable Transport. The event aims to provide an insight into the current transport projects happening in the region. Topics of discussion will include:

Role of Urban Transport in Nation’s Economy

Managing Traffic Growth & Congestion in Dynamic Arab Cities

Status check – Transport Master Plans in Various Cities in the Region – Challenges & Opportunities

Deployment of Intelligent Transport System (Bus, Metro, LRT, Tram)

Smart Parking Management - A Multi-Phased Approach to Reduce Congestion

Sustain Transport Development for Anticipated Economic Growth

Innovation in Funding Strategies for City Transport Projects