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Clean bus procurement workshop

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The European workshop will focus on the procurement of clean buses under the Clean Vehicles Directive.

• Clean Bus Procurement – objectives of operators and authorities
• What are clean buses? (Technologies in comparison, e.g. Diesel Euro V / Euro VI, CNG, LNG, hydrogen, fuel-cell, hybrids…)
• On the way to more electrification – how is it reflected by CVD / LCC (external and internal costs)

The workshop will present experiences from different cities in clean bus procurement, and discuss a variety of important topics which procurers face such as selection of fuel/technology, the impact of EURO VI, internalising external environmental costs under the CVD, and the impact of the European alternative fuels strategy.

The study tour will show the Bremen Public Transport system – a combination of electric tram, conventional EEV Diesel buses as well as Diesel-electric buses.