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Cleaner, Connected and Competitive: How Can This be the Future for Europe's Freight Transport Networks?

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Freight transport is crucial for Europe’s economic activity but it also increases transport fuel consumption and raises CO2 emissions. With road freight transport accounting for 25 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions in the EU, enhancing freight mobility for better connectivity, efficiency, and competitiveness is necessary. Also, embracing innovation by European industries will be important if Europe wants stay on par with the U.S and China during the ongoing transport revolution.

As the European Commission will come out with new proposals to ensure the freight sector cuts emissions and contributes its share of the bloc’s efforts to fight global warming, what are the opportunities to develop clean, efficient and more connected freight transport networks in Europe? Which innovative technologies should be deployed to lower CO2 emissions from transport? How will the industry respond to the Commission’s proposal? How should the EU calibrate its standards to harmonize with the U.S.? What are the costs for consumers? What are the benefits for Europeans?

As part of POLITICO’s Energy Visions Series, this event will bring together senior policymakers, business and civil society representatives for a frank discussion on the innovative solutions and policy options for a cleaner, more connected and competitive freight transport network.