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Colloquium: The future car – electric, automated, connected

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The automotive industry is facing an extreme situation of change. The pressure on vehicle manufacturers to bring sustainable drive concepts on the market has increased enormously. Although the number of models with electrical components in the drive train has been growing, that is only one part of the new mobility. Other important aspects of sustainable vehicle and mobility concepts are connected and automated driving. Never before, the development engineers had to deal simultaneously with such a variety of new technologies. It applies to develop these technologies to increase the private and social benefits. This is the basis to reach the objective of an intelligently controlled traffic flow.

The colloquium “The future car – electric, automated, connected” offers expert lectures/presentations about the latest developments in terms of alternative drive systems, batteries, fuel cells, charging infrastructure, lightweight, interconnection of vehicles and traffic, and automated driving.

Furthermore, there will be an accompanying exhibition in the foyer (more than 300 m²).

The event will take place at:

Technische Akademie Esslingen e.V.

An der Akademie 5

73760 Ostfildern


The language of the colloquium will be german.

Further information (e.g. schedule and registration; German language only) is available here: