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A common methodology for automation FOTs and pilots

Event date
Devonshire Hall – University of Leeds


FOT-Net Data Workshop

In this seminar we will go step-by-step though the FESTA methodology for conducting FOTs, and focus on those issues that need to be addressed in automation FOTs and pilots. The focus will be on:

• Societal scenarios and research questions
• Study design
• Data collection and analysis
• Impact and socio-economic cost-benefit analysis
• Data sharing

The objectives of this seminar are to explain the current methodology, to extend the FESTA activities to automation pilots, and to work together to take the first steps towards a common methodology. The seminar will provide both plenary presentations and small group discussions and exercises. We will work with an example FOT, and go through all the methodological steps.

This seminar is meant for everyone who plans to become involved in automation FOTs and pilots, as a researcher, technician, expert, or stakeholder.

No previous knowledge of FESTA is needed, although we would recommend to have a look at the handbook and/or the webinars where FESTA is explained.

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