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Cooperative vehicles and infrastructure workshop

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The first meeting of the CODECS-CIMEC City Pool will meet on 3 March 2016. The main points of discussion will be city requirements for C-ITS as well as supplier and vehicle manufacturer expectations.

CIMEC and CODECS are both EC funded support actions (ie, not R&D projects), which are identifying and addressing the barriers to C-ITS deployment. CIMEC is a city-focused project whereas CODECS is mainly concerned with the C-ITS corridors (mainly interurban) although many of the activities undertaken and outputs expected will also apply to urban areas.

The City Pool is a joint activity of both CIMEC and CODECS, with the aim of reaching out to a wider range of city representatives in order to understand needs, requirements and expectations for C-ITS, as well as to raise awareness of this technology domain.