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This event is intended to provide ITS system users, policy makers, software developers, information architects and ITS consultants an opportunity to become acquainted with the latest DATEX II developments. The 'urbanisation' of DATEX II is currently an important activity. In addition, an introductory session for new users will be offered as well as in depth sessions for experienced DATEX II users.

Highlights of the programme are:

  • DATEX II version 3
  • possibilities, benefits and operation of DATEX II implementations
  • DATEX II in relation to C-ITS and Automated Driving
  • urban domain supported by DATEX II
  • governance of national and regional profiles
  • technical impact of namespaces and the new exchange options and
  • data structures and profiling

DATEX was originally designed and developed as a traffic and travel data exchange mechanism by a European task force set up to standardise the interface between traffic control and information centres. DATEX II has since become the reference for all applications requiring access to dynamic traffic and travel related information in Europe. The aim is that by 2020 DATEX II is THE information model for road traffic and travel information in Europe.