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Decarbonisation of heavy transport and the role of hydrogen

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Challenges lie ahead for heavy transport, with ambitious plans from the new European Comission to become carbon neutral by 2050. With nearly a quater of the EU's road transport emissions coming from trucks and buses, industry experts and civil society representitives will discuss the following topics on how best to reach climate neutrality: 

  • The best pathway for transitioning to zero emissions in the road transport sector by 2050
  • How can policymakers ensure they are technologically neutral in legislating on a low-carbon future?
  • Does clean heavy transport depend on batteries, or are there alternatives like hydrogen? Does hydrogen have a possible role in trains as well as trucks?
  • If there is a future for hydrogen, can it be made in a greener way?
  • Does a public network of hydrogen re-fueling stations need to be subsidized across Europe?


 Please note this event will be held virtually due to the current (COVID-19) Coronavirus pandemic.