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Decarbonising Transport: Smart Mobility Innovation for Sustainable Cities

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Please join us for a full day of interactive and hands-on sessions with fellow professionals and contribute to the important discussion on strategic transport innovation in Europe. This is a great opportunity to share and discuss recommendations for actions at European and global level. The new innovative strategies that we will set up together will help to improve the systemic decarbonisation of European transport in cities. 

The conference discussions will focus on what transport has to deliver on decarbonisation, following the agreement on ambitious carbon-reduction targets at the Paris UN COP 21 climate summit. Differentiating the performance of emerging transport and mobility services and systems will be fundamental in implementing a successful transition to the required sustainable, low-carbon transformation path. 

If implemented rightly, smart mobility systems and services can contribute to the needed decarbonisation of the transport sector, but also help address persistent problems of congestion and accessibility through better utilisation of underused assets in transport vehicles and infrastructures. Although if implemented wrongly, these systems and services can aggravate current problems. 

The conference's discussions will be structured around the EU Commission consultation of future priorities of strategic transport research and innovation actions in the context of overall European climate mitigation and decarbonisation efforts. 

The "Decarbonising Transport: Smart Mobility Innovation for Sustainable Cities" conference will bring together innovation experts from cities, industry, research and civil society to explore smart mobility innovation strategies and their contribution to the systemic decarbonisation of European transport and cities. In a focused and hands-on dialogue of stakeholders, it will translate this discussion into a set of practical recommendations for action at European and global level.