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Delivering Crossrail and next steps for Crossrail 2

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This seminar will focus on the future of London transport in the context of the new Elizabeth Line due to be fully open by 2019, and with plans in development for Crossrail 2.

Planned sessions will explore the potential impact of the new line and opportunities for the wider network - including for intermodal connectivity and regional growth and regeneration prospects for areas that will receive new stations. Delegates will also discuss the integration of latest technologies and communication services on-board and along the route, as well as the passenger and business priorities for utilisation of improved transport links.

Discussion will also focus on the next steps for Crossrail 2 in light of the recommendation of the National Infrastructure Commission that government go ahead with the project, and with a government response to the TfL’s business case expected after the General Election. These include the remaining issues around route planning, station locations and further public consultation stages to be cleared before it can formally approved.