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Developing UK freight and logistics: urban transport, skills, and intermodal transport priorities

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This seminar will provide an opportunity for delegates to discuss the future of the freight sector, and the wider challenges facing freight and logistics operations in the UK.

Sessions will discuss key issues affecting the industry including priorities for infrastructure developments that aim to improve transport connectivity between road, rail, sea and air freight as well as how new warehouse and interchange sites impact local communities and the wider network. 

There will also be an assessment of the Government’s freight grants, which aim to shift more freight from road to rail and short sea shipping routes. Further discussion will bring out the latest thinking on reducing transport emissions across the network and next steps for vehicle design innovation and standards compliance following new European proposals to enhance safety, as well as the impact of Euro 6 standards that came into force in 2014. 

Additional topics for discussion include the latest thinking to address the skills gap and meet UK workforce requirements, as well as the impact of ecommerce on delivery strategies and how innovation in the logistics supply chain can meet modern customer and consumer demands.