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Electric Vehicle Batteries: Extending In-Service Life

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One Day Seminar: Electric Vehicle Batteries: Challenges and Best Practices for Extending In-Service Life 


National Motor Museum (Heritage Centre), Gaydon CV35 0BJ. 


Aim of the workshop: To share information and good practice relating to the extension of the in-service life of high voltage batteries for electric vehicle applications. 

This one day event aims to bring together practitioners, experts in the field and academic researchers in the area of high voltage electric batteries, particularly those involved in decision making. 


A series of short presentations will be made, supported with workshop sessions relating to critical aspects and the challenges associated with the manufacture, in-vehicle use, remanufacturing and recycling of high voltage batteries. Opportunities will be built into the event to network, share participants’ knowledge and have specific questions answered. 


Topics addressed in the seminar include: 


A sharing of good practices for overcoming issues and challenges associated with in-service life and remanufacturing of this growing important topic: 


 Designing for Remanufacture 

 Manufacturing Challenges 

 Intellectual Property Considerations 

 Relevant Legislation 

 Testing 

 Environmental Impact 

 Future Battery Technologies 


Also, information will be provided on related projects and future funding opportunities under Innovate UK’s Horizon 2020 challenge.