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Electromobility in smart cities

Event date


ave the date for an international conference in Gothenburg about electromobility in Smart Cities!

On September 20-22, Green Gothenburg hosts a two day conference focusing on electro mobility in smart cities. Participants will be able to attend seminars and participate in match-making and study visits.

Electro mobility in smart cities is a venue for national and international stakeholders from industry, academia and the public sector. It will be a chance to meet national and international decision and policy makers from the private and public sectors, from cities as well as from transport companies, companies within the area of electro mobility, international expertise, professionals and researchers in the area of electro mobility and smart cities.

This event will be broken down in three parts:


  • Seminars with focus on passenger and public transportation as well as freight transportation. Emphasis will be on the necessity of a well-working charging infrastructure, traffic and data safety with a core focus on electric buses.
  • Match-making opportunities during the conference
  • Study Visit in Gothenburg to experience ElectriCity - exhaust-free buses that pick up passengers indoors as well as all other electric modes of transportation, from electric vehicles to bikes, cargo bikes, taxis and car pooling alongside with the adequate infrastructure.

The final programme for this conference will be available in the following months.