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Energy Businesslike Tunnel Solutions (online event)

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Low-emission alternative energy for transport (ALT)


The energy-efficient tunnel solutions, covers the direction of the easternmost arm of the Baltic Sea, from Estonia to Finland. It includes four sub-projects: Society, Gulf Crossing Alternatives, Energy and Implementation Strategies, and Contract Forms.

With regard to both construction and operation, tunnels are the most energy-intensive assets of road and rail infrastructure. Tunnels usually have a lifespan of more than 100 years, therefore energy used for construction may soon be outweighed by the energy used during operation, and the latter is consequently at the heart of this project.

The spring 2020 consultation was designed to seek the views of the public and stakeholders on a possible new way to cross the Gulf and took place on the basis of invitations, starting on 11.-14.02.2020 and lasted mainly for 5 hours.


Topics for discussion include for example:


  • Support for new opportunities to cross the Gulf
  • Areas which are interested to use the new opportunity to cross the Gulf
  • etc.


The raw results have been discussed many times, including on 4-5 may and made available over Open Data repositories and comprise raw results from linked consultation, which should have been carried out in full scale throughout the 2008-2009 season.