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EU Regulation and Sustainability in the European Automotive Sector: Challenges and Solutions

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This one-day conference, hosted by the Centre for Parliamentary Studies and AWBriefing, will provide an opportunity for local practitioners, businesses, consultancies and EU officials to analyse the challenges and consider the solutions needed to facilitate the sustainable development of Europe’s automotive sector. The conference will highlight the latest developments and policy initiatives at different levels of government and will conclude with important recommendations for future actions. Delegates will have the opportunity to consider whether the recent EU initiatives reflect the needs of the private sector, as well as engage in direct contact with key policy makers in Brussels and the automotive industry. Presentations from leading figures in automotive and public policy sectors in Brussels will focus on some key issues including: Creating an Action Plan for Better Integration with EU Framework, Government Policy Response, Framework Conditions and CARS 21 Progress Safeguarding Skills, Employment and Social Costs, and Long Term Global Outlook for Economic Recovery Plan.

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