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European Conference on Mobility Management - ECOMM 2008

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The London European Partnership for Transport (LEPT) will be hosting ECOMM2008 in partnership with Transport for London and the Department for Transport from 4th - 6th June 2008. The call for papers has been launched, abstracts should be submitted by no later than the 30th November 2007.

ECOMM2008 will be a unique opportunity to reach up to 500 key decision makers and practitioners in the field of mobility management. This is why they will be carefully balancing the programme to ensure that the audience is best able to benefit from the vast range of wisdom, experience and opinion that exist in this field. Invited speakers will include:

The Mayor of London
The EC’s Transport Commissioner
Mayors and Ministers from both Old and New Member States
Leading Academic experts
Mobility Management pioneers from the Business world
ECOMM2008 specifically focuses on the mobility management element of transport - for a full definition see ‘What Is Mobility Management’ on the front page of