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European Road Infrastructure Congress

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#ERICLeeds16 will bring together industry representatives, academics, policy makers, research institutes and road authorities from across the continent to network, engage and share their knowledge on the highways sector.

Delivery, safety and adaptation of road infrastructure will be the key themes that run through the Congress; addressing technological changes, new delivery models and innovations in vehicle technology helping Europe to work together in achieving safer roads.

The programme is built upon three themes which cover key areas of discussion and debate.

  • DELIVERY OF ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE: How can we improve its delivery model in a way that enables road authorities to ask for better solutions while providing industry with an optimal use of public resources and obtaining value for money?
  • ROAD SAFETY: How can we work together in order to identify practical solutions enabling Europe to achieve its ambitious target of a 50% cut in road fatalities?
  • ADAPTATION OF ROAD INFRASTRUTURE: Technological changes and innovations in vehicle technology, road usage and road infrastructure mean that the road of the future will differ significantly from what it is today.


In addition to the above themes, an extensive research stream including abstracts and research papers as both speaker sessions and poster boards will offer a more scientific view of the Congress themes.

For more information about the event and to register, click here.