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Evaluation in Planning 7th International Workshop - Towards methodologicalinnovations in planning evaluation

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CIVITAS SMILE is organising a 3 day Planning Evaluation workshop at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh on 10-12 December. 20 academics from 7 European countries (+ Israel and USA) have been invited to present their ideas on new approaches to evaluation. They will cover the following topics:
The indirect impacts of planning intervention
The socio-economic and socio-environmental contexts of planning evaluation
Social and distributional indicators for quality of life and environmental quality
Integration of ecological aspects into socio-economic planning and evaluation;
How to capture the socio-environmental and socio-institutional effects of planning interventions;
Methods to consider environmental, social, economic, and political interchange in evaluation;
Tools for understanding planning success;
More robust ways of measuring how well cities are performing from a range of perspectives and values.