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Out of the 12 million inhabitants in Moscow, an estimated 80% travel with public transport, taking about 15 million trips each day. These impressive figures are projected to grow an additional 25% by 2020. For a densely populated Eurasian city, or for other urban areas where public transport is also vital to daily life, this increase brings on new challenges in mobility and sustainable development.

UITP, along with local transport agencies, Mosgortrans and Moscow Metropolitan, will host a conference and exhibition to address many of these crucial mobility challenges and discuss possible solutions.

The event, ExpoCityTrans , will take place in Moscow from 29 November to 1 December and will feature several conference discussions covering:

  • Main design and development trends in public transport
  • Mobility solutions for large cities
  • Strategies to increase the long-term demand for transport services
  • Implementation of cutting-edge technology
  • Improving customer interest, service efficiency, safety and environmental friendliness in public transport

On the exhibition side of the event , there will be a showcase of transport vehicle prototypes, as well as innovative lifting equipment, accessories and spare parts.

ExpoCityTrans is the largest public transport event in Russia. In addition to experts from UITP, participants to the event will include industry CEOs and presidents, and representatives from major transport authorities in Russia.