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Flying Green: A Thoroughbred Approach to Winning the Race for the Environment

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Palm Springs


The 23rd Annual UC Symposium on Aviation Noise & Air Quality

This symposium has been organized under the umbrella of the University of California for 23 years. It has grown from a small gathering of mostly California airport operators to strategize how to handle noise issues to become a large international gathering of more than 300 stakeholders representing all perspectives to look at noise and emissions issues. The symposium addresses regulations, policy, legal issues, communications and technology.

The organisers welcome novice airport staff and experienced engineers and consultants as well as politicians and community members affected by impacts. The symposium is an important place to network with others working in this area. It is a great place to learn about how the environmental impacts of one mode of transport are addressed from a multitude of different perspectives. It also provides opportunities to promote your business or service in the exhibit area.