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FP7 - Project Management and Audits in Brussels

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Why participate on the FP7 - Project Management and Audits in Brussels?

This 2-day training course is  built-on 100% project experience and real-life examples. The lecturers and workshop leaders are flesh-and-blood financial managers, whose daily work is to prepare technical/scientific and financial reports, control budgets and to assist our project partners in their financial/technical management. We have helped several hundreds of researchers, managers and administrative personnel over the years in understanding the FP7 rules and succeed in project management! Experience Europa Media's famous "learning-by-doing" approach - start with presentations, then practice your newly-gained knowledge during the workshops specially designed for the particular topics:Workshop on FP7 project management

solve the real life-case scenarios in small groups acting like a project consortium: find out how to handle non-performing partners, internal problems, delays, IPR issues or any bottlenecks.

Workshop on financial reporting and EC audits

learn how to prepare bullet-proof  FORM Cs by analysing time-sheets, personnel costs calculations, travel and equipment invoices provided during the exercise.