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FREVUE-CIVITAS Electric Freight Study Tour

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his FREVUE-CIVITAS Study Tour will provide details on the implementation of electric freight vehicles and consolidation centres. London, Rotterdam and Copenhagen will present an update on their activities in this area, preliminary results from the FREVUE project will be also discussed.

FREVUE, a European project supported by the FP7 programme, provides evidence on how innovative solutions using electric freight vehicles can help to achieve emission free city logistics. FREVUE established demonstrators in eight of Europe’s largest cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London, Madrid, Lisbon, Milan, Oslo and Stockholm.

With the support of Transport for London and the City of Rotterdam, this FREVUE-CIVITAS Study Tour will provide concrete information on the implementation of electric freight vehicles, also considering challenges and needs for future roll-out. A site visit to the Gnewt’s Consolidation Centre in Central London will complement the tour.