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Fuels of the Future 2008

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With our conference on biofuels “Fuels of the Future” we would like to contribute to shape the future of biofuels for transportation in Europe. Since 2002 the conference is meeting point to the biofuels industry and policy makers in Berlin and evolved to one of the most important events in this field on an European level.

So this year we again expect to welcome 700 to 800 stakeholders at our conference. We will have an eye on the development of the different biofuel markets and where to find innovative and advanced projects. But we will also highlight critical issues which are to be solved. We query policy makers and enable a direct and profound exchange of views. We place ourselves to the discussion.

Conference topics include:

Political general conditions for biofuels;

How sustainable are biofuels? How is it possible to guarantee a sustainable production of biofuels?;

Are growing agricultural prices and narrow areas under cultivation compatible with the expansion of biofuel markets and the guarantee of global nutrition

The European Biofuels Strategy and the consequences for biofuel market;

Parallel Forums: biodiesel, bioethanol, vegetable oil, biogas;

Biofuels on a basis of new resources: Status Quo and trends; and

Biofuels of the second generation: Potentials, state of the art, perspectives.